Susan Osborn

( singer, U.S.A / sang for the ceremony for Winter Olympics /Paralympics, Nagano, 1998)

Suirin is the place where profound beauty of Japanese culture is truly represented, and far from being hard-shipped and noisefulness of modern-day life. It is the tranquil place from everyday life. Simple beauty of daily works and joyful songs of sincere services are set steadily.
Suirin offers you chances to ponder yourself and reflect, listen closely to the quietness of internal self and outer surroundings, learn to know your new capacity, share with new friends, refresh your soul, regain true self, and celebrate life. Let us share the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Ryoichi Obitsu

( honorary president, Obitsu Sankei Hospital/ head for Japan Holistic Medical Organization/ head-director for Japan Homoeopathy Medical Association/ medical Ph-D/ special advisor for Suirin)

Facing earnestly the pathos of being alive, we elevate vitality of life each day and sense bounce of spirit at times. Yohjyo Seminar is an opportunity for producing such persons as many as they could. Set in the land of wonderful scenic beauty, I welcome you to join Yohjyo Seminar at Suirin.

Ken Honda

( writer )

Lots of people are in despair and out of energy these days. I think Suirin is the sacred place of contentment where we can always return to. Japan lacks such a place. The reason why is that other places either become resort facilities or religious parties. On this point, I think suirin is different. It has the thoroughly maintained surrounding and very unique independency.
I think what Suirin offers is wonderful. Delicious and whole-hearted meals are served. We can contemplate ourselves in quiet surroundings and be healed by nature. And, here at Suirin, we could bear life-long and supportive relationships.