Free school

What we do – Changing yourself

Fixing your habits. Start by acting
Some people have disturbed sleeping patterns such as Insomnia, narcolepsy, and several other sleep disorders. We try do lead healthy and coordinated lifestyles by waking up and sleeping at a set time.

Being together and cooperating
There are many things that you are not able to achieve on your own. Here at Suirin, by living together, we are constantly growing, learning and helping each other. Eventually students regain their confidence and motivation. Even though not blood related, people are able to build trust and closeness.

Learning and participating in classes
The students are able to participate in different types of classes: Philosophy, psychiatry, health, music,cooking,art,cooking,English, and many other things.

Group sharing and listening
We have group meetings where we discuss the things we noticed or what we did that day. We also discuss problems, tactics or someones troubles.

Being one with nature and working on the farm
We grow vegetables that are completely chemical and pesticide free. Working on the farm will make you realize that you yourself are nature. Creating life, feeling the breeze, bathing in the sun. This experience will alleviate your mind and reduce anxiety.

Nutrition and healthy eating
The meals we serve here are mostly made out of the vegetables from our garden. We do not serve any frozen foods or ingredients with preservatives. We believe that putting our heart and soul into the food we make, creates a better you.

Culture, recreation, and solidarity
Manners,,human interaction and zen (Zazen) are the basis of what makes up the grace and style of Japanese culture. Hiking, shopping, restaurants, hot springs, sight seeing, as you can tell, there are dozens of things to do

Training and way of living
Here you can experience working in a restaurant, on the farm, waiting on tables, cleaning the rooms and many different types of activities.

Reflecting the day
At the end of the day, you are able to write down any thoughts, ideas or repressed feelings you had that day. By reading back on your notes, you will be able to take a look at your inner self and realize any repressed emotions. you will also be able to self-heal during the process.

Life support
We offer support and counseling to those who have already graduated from Suirin. Those who feel the disorder of society or are anxious can always come back for help. we also offer career counseling.
communication skills.
if you ever experienced not being able to blend in society or you tend to change jobs frequently, or even having trouble bonding with people, through your stay here, you will be able to develop a stronger and healthier body and mind which will let you develop communication skills and perseverance.

Short period stay:
For the working study program to change you, you will need a long period of time. For you to change your bad habits and your daily routine will especially take time. However, if you have a busy schedule or want to take a break from the hectic city life and do some self reflection, we can prepare a special short period working study program.

If you have been taking medication for a long time, it is not easy to suddenly reduce the amount that you are taking. By leading a healthy lifestyle and consulting with our counselor, steadily decreasing the amount of medication will be plausible. If you are having trouble finding the right medication, you can always consult with our doctor counselor.

Finishing the working study program
These are some of the reviews from those who have graduated.

Pushing your limits
1. During the working study program, I fought with my inner demons and bad thoughts such as not wanting to work or not being able to believe in myself. I am grateful to those who put their faith in me and didn’t give up on me. People around me were happy that i was growing which then made me happy.

Noticing your own pattern.
2. Comparing the time i came here to now, I’m surprised at myself from how much I’ve changed. I was able to work much more than I used to and my body felt a lot more lighter. The desire to slack off and rest came into my mind but I was able to ignore those bad thoughts with the teaching of Midori-Sensei.
I eventually noticed a pattern within me that made me blame others for things i wasn’t able to accomplish. It was one of my bad habits and I am thankful that I had those around me to point it out for me otherwise, I would have never knew on my own.